How Peaccce's search bar works

We keep it simple, so you get what you need

Peaccce is a reviews-led marketplace. Custom-built for a sector, by a sector expert.

Our search bar is a unique tool because it's been built with connections in mind. Like any search bar, you can type to find.

Here's its features:

✅ Search triggers suggestions - so it isn't free type

⚡ Product suggestions order from shortest first

⚡ Results are randomised in two blocs - managed and unmanaged listings

⚡ Providers can boost their listings in a weekly, transparent auction

⚖️ Providers can be found by name - no other providers can hijack the search

⚖️ Plain english phrases are baked in and will be deployed soon!

⚖️ It's never done - we can add new products and keywords every week

Ok, so why?

We know from big search that freeing up search terms for such a complex industry creates errors. Providers ranking or bidding on searches they wouldn't dream of, a raft of negative keywords are needed, too. Then there's ranking.

If we don't understand a buyer - their preferences, likes and dislikes, haves and don't haves - how can we possibly decided who they see first?

Simpler is better

By tightly controlling our search criteria, we can better help buyers get what they need. In searching for providers by name - they also get no noise in results. We only show what tightly relates - and that's a suggestion.

Our search functionality is undergoing a major update later this year - we've learnt a huge amount from the current process. The next step will be a leap.

I look forward to sharing more updates with you.

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