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Photo by Kevin Schmid on Unsplash

Photo by Kevin Schmid on Unsplash

What is Motorhome Insurance cover? And what does it cover?

Motorhome insurance isn’t just cover for your vehicle, it’s protection for the lifestyle you love. Whether you’ve got a motorhome, a camper van, a self-built leisure vehicle or an American RV, motorhome insurance covers your vehicle and everything in it against theft, or damage caused by an accident or vandalism.

With the right policy in place, your motorhome will be protected whether it’s parked up for a wilderness escape, on a campsite, sat on your driveway at home, or overwintering at a specialist storage facility.

A motorhome is built for adventure, and many motorhome insurance providers will offer a set amount of European cover as standard within their policies. Some will also offer worldwide cover add-ons, so you can take your adventures further afield and still have complete peace of mind that you’re protected.

The majority of motorhome insurers will offer a range of policies with different cover options, including:

• Fully comprehensive protection against loss or damage.
• Third-party fire and theft cover.
• Cover for equipment and personal possessions.
• European and worldwide cover.
• Window and windscreen replacement cover.
• Optional breakdown recovery, including in Europe.

Why should I buy it?

Insuring your motorhome is a legal requirement under the Continuous Insurance Enforcement (CIE) rule, which applies even if you’re not regularly using your vehicle. Unless your motorhome has been declared legally ‘off the road’ with a statutory off the road notification (SORN), you must have an insurance policy in place at all times.

Aside from the legalities, your motorhome represents a sizeable financial and emotional investment, and it makes sense to protect it with an insurance policy that covers you against theft from or of your motorhome, as well as damage caused by accidents or vandalism. Having the right cover in place ensures protection for everything you hold dear about your home away from home.

Top frequently asked questions - with answers

1. What types of vehicle can I cover?

Many motorhome insurance providers will offer policies to cover a range of leisure vehicles. That means you should be able to find a suitable insurer if you own a:

Self-built motorhome, including a professionally converted panel van. Some insurers will cover the conversion project from the very beginning, ensuring there are no nasty (and expensive) surprises when it comes to engineer reports following completion of the conversion.

Campervan, including compact campers and conversions. Micro-motorhome, including high-top versions and those with a lifting roof.

Coach-built motorhome, including low-profile and over-cab sleepers, with any number of berths.

A-class motorhome, including left-hand drive and foreign imports.

American RV, of most styles and models.

2. What level of cover should I choose?

Motorhome insurance providers, much like car insurers, will generally offer two basic types of cover, which can be added to and amended to suit your needs. These are:

Comprehensive cover

Protecting your motorhome against loss or damage through accident or malicious acts, as well as vandalism, fire, lightning, self-ignition and explosions. Fully comprehensive (or ‘fully comp’) cover also protects you in the event of a claim being made against you by other people for injury to them or damage to their property. Comprehensive motorhome insurance is designed to cover you for every eventuality, giving you complete peace of mind that your vehicle, and everything in it, is protected at all times, in all places.

Third-party, fire and theft

Covering you for loss or damage to your motorhome only if it is stolen or set on fire. Third-party motorhome insurance also protects you from claims made against you by other people for injury to them, or damage to their property, resulting from an accident. This type of policy is generally available for a much lower premium than fully comprehensive.

3. Am I covered abroad?

Most specialist motorhome insurance providers appreciate the spirit of adventure that comes with owning a leisure vehicle. They know their customers want to travel, and they aim to provide a variety of policies and cover that will help them do just that. Most good motorhome insurers will include a certain amount of European cover as standard within their policies, making it a safe and easy prospect to hop aboard a cross-Channel ferry. Each provider will define ‘Europe’ differently, however, so you should check with your chosen insurer that you are covered for travel to the country you want to visit. In many cases, European cover will be strictly limited to a certain number of days per policy period, and you will require a permanent UK address to be able to take out a policy. Individual insurers may also offer worldwide cover for when you want to take your motorhome further afield. This will most likely be sold as an add-on on a per-trip basis, which you will need to negotiate with your insurer ahead of your journey.

4. What am I not covered for?

Motorhome insurance policies will generally provide the protection you need for all social domestic and leisure trips. Some insurers will also cover your leisure vehicle if it doubles up as the vehicle you use to get to work, as long as you only commute to a single place of work. You are unlikely to find a motorhome insurance provider that will cover you for:

• Racing, pace-making, speed trials or contests in your motorhome.
• Reliability testing on your motorhome.

• Using your motorhome on any racetrack or circuit.

• Hiring or letting out your motorhome in exchange for money.

• Carrying and/or transporting passengers or goods in exchange for money.
• Any purpose connected with the motor trade.

Tips for buying Motorhome Insurance

Many motorhome insurance providers will allow an element of customisation when it comes to buying the right policy to suit your vehicle and lifestyle requirements. But there are lots of details every insurer will want to know before they give you a quote. In order to make the policy-buying process as fuss-free as possible, it’s a good idea to ask yourself a few questions before you get started:

What type of cover do I want?

Do you need comprehensive or third-party fire and theft cover?

What type of vehicle do I have?

Make sure you know the weight and size specifications of your motorhome, as well as information about number of berths and any customisations, adaptations and alterations that have been made.

How much is my motorhome worth?

Knowing the value of your motorhome is vital for ensuring you are adequately insured. In the event your motorhome gets stolen or written off, you want to be sure your insurance pay-out will cover the cost of replacing it.

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